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Like it or not, money and credit will rule your life.

FoolProof Solo puts you in charge of both your money and your credit. We teach you how to make wise decisions based on facts.


Don't know much about money and credit? Want to learn about budgeting & saving? Start working though FoolProof Solo.

The Solo program is a highly interactive group of online lessons called "modules." The modules cover topics like:

  • Realities of the free enterprise system
  • Credit & credit bureaus
  • Credit scores & predatory lending
  • ATM cards & checking accounts
  • Debit cards & credit cards
  • Budgeting, saving & spending decisions

You can work at your own pace, as all the modules allow you to stop at any point and then pick up at that same point at another time.

Get started! Every minute will make you smarter!

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