December 2018

9 Winter Car Maintenance Tips
These tips from Kiplinger can help you prepare your car for winter weather.

Why You Should Be Careful About Donating Through Crowdfunding
Considering a donation to a crowd funded cause, read this Consumer Reports article first.

Trouble in Toyland
Before you buy toys this holiday season, check out the annual toy safety report from U.S. PIRG.

BBB Tip: Holiday Pop-Up Shops
Check out these tips from the Better Business Bureau before you buy from a pop-up shop.

November 2018

Robocalls and Scams Are Now One-Third of All Calls, Report Says
This article from Consumer Reports provides tips to reduce the number of robocalls you receive.

Protecting Your Kids from Identity Theft: Credit/Security Freezes
Children are at risk for identity theft. This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse shows how a credit freeze can help protect them.

A Citizen's Guide to Reducing Energy Waste
This report from U.S. PIRG provides tips to help you reduce your energy consumption.

Using Multiple Google Services? Keep Your Privacy More Secure While Using Chrome
Follow these steps from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse to opt-out of Chrome's automatic sign-in.

October 2018

Hang up on Medicare card scams
New Medicare cards are being issued and scammers are taking advantage. Avoid the scams with these tips from the FTC.

Protect Yourself From a Medical Data Breach
This article from Consumer Reports provides tips on how you can protect your health data.

Is My Identity on the Dark Web?
This article from AARP describes the dark web and how you can make it harder for ID thieves to exploit your data.

Does Insurance Cover That?
Take the quiz from to see how much you know about insurance coverage.

September 2018

Did You Know? Schools Can Share Your Children's Personal Information Without Your Consent
This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse describes what schools can share and how you can opt out.

Safer School Supplies: Shopping Guide
While many school supplies don't contain toxic or dangerous chemicals some do. This guide from U.S. PIRG can help you buy safe school supplies.

The Car Book's Snapshot Guide to Electric Vehicles
This guide from the Consumer Federation of America provides descriptions of the types of vehicles, charging, and key features of currently available vehicles.

A Reverse Mortgage Primer
This article from the National Consumer Law Center describes who should consider a reverse mortgage, how it works, whether it is a good idea, and more.

August 2018

99 Great Ways to Save Money on Everything
This article from AARP provides tips to save money around your home, travel, health care, shopping and much more.

5 Summer Scams to Avoid
This Consumer Reports article has tips to help you avoid these 5 scams no matter the time of the year.

Don't let "FREE" cost you
Free products or free trials could cost you money though these tips from the FTC can help you avoid losing money.

Veterans' Charities That Misled Donors and Tips to Give Wisely Instead
Giving to a charity helping veterans? Ensure your donation is used properly by checking out these tips from the Better Business Bureau.

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