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Every worry about identity theft?  Worry about young people and the dangers of the web? Mind if I read your private emails?  Or browse through your medical records? This section takes you into the scary world of privacy, fraud and identity theft.  FoolProof gives you the information you need when it comes to identity theft and privacy issues.   

Protect Yourself Against Attacks on Computer and Personal Privacy


In this challenging economic environment, you may be concerned about job, retirement or general financial security. Eager to take advantage of your legitimate concerns, a varied group of scammers and con artists are targeting your money and your personal information using a variety of online tactics. By taking a few simple steps you can protect yourself from even the latest ploy. This report describes the most common scam methods and describes steps you can take to avoid being caught.

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Older? Are You Alert for These Common Financial Scams?


Scammers love to target older adults. What makes older adults attractive targets? They are more likely to have "nest eggs," own their home, and have good credit. Many are trusting, good natured, and willing to believe what people tell them. Scams targeting older adults come via the telephone, email, and even the front door.

While the scams described below tend to be targeted towards older adults, anyone can be targeted. So whether you are older or not, it’s smart to stay alert to the scams most active today.

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Are These Social Media Practices Endangering Your Privacy and Your Kids' Privacy?


New developments or types of social media launch almost daily. Because such Internet-based applications or programs enable individuals and groups to connect easily and openly to share all types of information, you or your children may be putting private information at risk. Often you may not be aware just how much or what information you are sharing.

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Protecting Your Money, Personal Information, & Your Identity

Protecting your personal and financial privacy means educating yourself to take on a complex challenge. You might say that fighting for your privacy rights is like taking on an octopus with many arms (one issue, lots of manifestations).

The resources in this information sheet will help you stay informed about privacy issues and take steps to protect your personal and financial privacy.

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Staying Informed and Making Yourself Heard

news.jpgThere are lots of sites on the Internet that "cover" consumer privacy. How can you determine which sites deserve your trust? Here are a few tips:

  • Determine who runs the site. Look for an "about us" or "contact" page. If you can't find one or they don't clearly identify who they are then find other sites that do. If there's a list of sponsors, check it out.
  • Read their privacy policy. If you can't find one, find other sites that provide one.
  • Advertising. Does the site have advertising? If so, what is being advertised? Could the advertising influence the site content?

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