Retiring in Your Present Home

house-coupleOption: You're planning to stay in your present home, but you want to make some changes.

There are a variety of things you can do such as redecorating, changing the use of rooms, and remodeling. You may also need to make some changes to your home to reflect changes in your lifestyle. These articles are full of possibilities.

Want to turn a spare bedroom into a home office, exercise or hobby room? Have Your Kids Flown the Nest? Ideas for Those Now-Empty Rooms from RealtyTimes has these and other suggestions.

Many individuals who are ready to retire may not have homes that are ready for those retirement years according to Homes Not Prepared For Retiring-In-Place. This article refers to the AARP study "These Four Walls: Americans 45+ Talk About Home and Community" released in June 2003.

Aging-in-Place features are taking center stage in remodeling projects. The following articles describe various ways these features can be incorporated into homes.

Understanding Aging In Place and Universal Design from the National Association of Home Builders

Modernization of the New Home for the Aging-In-Place Buyer from RealtyTimes

Specialists Transform Houses Into Retirement Homes from RealtyTimes

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