What Type and Size RV is Right for Your Recreation and Travel Goals?

rv-fifthwheelIf you already enjoy RVing, you probably know what type and size RV you’d like. But if you are new to RV travel, then you may not know just which type and size motorhome, travel trailer or camper will meet your recreational goals—or fit your budget. The tips and sites below can help you consider the options.

A tip if you are not yet an RVer: Rent before you buy. After you’ve done some basic research about types of RVs and particular models that fit your goals and budget, why not do a real test drive of the type of RV you’re thinking about buying? Take it for a weekend or other short road trip. Make sure you are comfortable driving and maneuvering it and living in it. You might even consider going to an RV rally where you can meet RV owners and learn from them. You’ll find the RV community friendly, outgoing, and welcoming. Here are some sites that can help you locate companies that rent RVs.

What type of RV is right for you and your family?

These websites offer definitions of each class of RV. Brief descriptions, pictures, average size, and price range are among the details provided.

Tips on selecting RVs.

Take a quick tour of RVs, from the small to the extra deluxe. Now’s the time to browse through a variety of websites previewing the enormous selection of RVs, new and used, available right now. We recommend making a note of RVs you particularly like, new and used, that are within 20-25% (above and below) of your Available Cash figure.

  • Links to RV Manufacturers from rvNetLinx.com.
  • rvtrader.com allows you to browse used RVs by type and make, year range, and location.
  • RV-online allows you to select the type of RV and browse the list sorted by size, price, or location.

What about RV shows and rallies?

When you have a general idea of the type, size and model RVs that fit your recreational and travel goals, attending an RV show or rally can give you an opportunity to give the RVs a hands-on inspection. Before heading out, you might want to think about "new or used" and the "safety and reliability" of the RVs you like—this guide’s next two sections. The following sites can help you locate nearby RV shows and rallies.

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